Senior Software Engineer (Back-end)

Chisinau, Moldova / Full-time

• Development: develop features and infrastructure components for the platform;
• Operations: monitor the platform in production, debug and manage incidents, maximize reliability;
• Communication: communicate development status, requirements, technical specifications, proposals, best practices;
• Engineering excellence: facilitate engineering excellence across the team, including code quality, testing, system architecture,
performance & reliability, capacity planning.

• 9+ experience in software development;
• Experience with cloud-based distributed, including system design, implementation and production operation.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience with parallel & concurrent programming, including an understanding of the tradeoffs between consistency models,
throughput & latency, asynchrony & synchrony.
• Ability to analyze and react to operational metrics (throughput, latency, error rate, queue depth, etc).
• Willingness to learn a complex domain, apply sophisticated engineering techniques, and operate as part of a team.
• Experience with our tech stack is appreciated, but not required.

*Preferred Technical Qualifications:
• Azure: we are cloud native and run on Azure;
•.NET/C#: back-end systems are written in C# it is a must;
• CosmosDB: our source-of-truth data store and event log;
• Understanding and applying “Clean code” practices;
• Cognitive Search: used for search and reporting functions;
• Blobs, Tables, Queues: used for document storage as well as caches of external data;
• Functions, Logic Apps: simple automation tasks JavaScript;
• Functions, Logic Apps: simple automation tasks Typescript/Angular, React: Web Ul/UX (an advantage);
• Dart/Flutter: Native Ul/UX;
• Service Fabric: systems involving colocation of state and compute;
• Azure Monitor & Application Insights: system and infrastructure monitoring and alerting;
• Integrations: integrations with various types of services, including geolocation, E D, mapping, routing, as well as
partner companies such as shippers, brokers, etc.

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