Drivers can issue COMchecks, and EFS checks to pay for lumpers. They can also update their license and medical card on the driver mobile app.

– Adam Tamana –

“The driver app is the best I have seen when it comes to user interface.”

-Tamana Truck Lines-

See the funds on the Alvys platform and in your accounting system.

Upload your lumper receipts and BOLs at every load level and keep everything streamlined automatically with just one tap.

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End to End Visibility

Know where your load is throughout the entire load lifecycle. From Driver App push notifications to ELD integrations to warehouse drop off; see the whole picture in Alvys.

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Tracking and Tracing

Get real-time updates on loads. Send automatic notifications to all parties involved. Identify loads that are falling behind schedule before it’s too late.

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Source Better Loads

Aggregate all loads in one place by connecting to load boards, freight brokers, and shippers so you can find the most optimal loads for your empty trucks.

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Accessibility Toolbar