To be a successful freight broker, you must have the right people working within the system:

  • Collect rates from carriers on the fly with an easy to use tool.
  • Use this data for your future pricing algorithm.
  • Easily share the work done by one member with the rest of the team.
  • Digitally onboard the carrier from the interested carrier list.
  • Track the carrier by having their driver download the Alvys mobile app.
  • Get paid faster. Easily upload BOLs and other paperwork at the load level.
  • Avoid cashflow hiccups. Manage the customer’s receiver’s report.
  • Manage your carrier payments and aging report including the quickplays and claims.
  • Carrier payment approval. Avoid multiple calls and emails to your staff.

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Tracking and Tracing

Get real-time updates on loads. Send automatic notifications to all parties involved. Identify loads that are falling behind schedule before it’s too late.

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Source Better Loads

Aggregate all loads in one place by connecting to load boards, freight brokers, and shippers so you can find the most optimal loads for your empty trucks.

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Accessibility Toolbar